Senior Citizens Center

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Located at 601 Bookter Street, our Senior Center is open Monday thru Friday at 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM.  At our beautiful facility we provide a home-like environment where Hancock County residents 60 or older can enjoy a vast array of services.  Some of these services include classes, recreation, education and volunteer opportunities, referral, community service projects, etc.  The facility serves approximately 50 people each day from different parts of our county.  Call Arlene Johnson, Program Director for more information at 228-467-9292.
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The Philosophy of the Senior Citizens Center Division:

“The Senior Citizens division of the HCHRA seeks to create an atmosphere that acknowledges the value of family life, individually and collectively, and affirms the dignity and self-worth of the older adult.”

The philosophy of the senior center movement is a part of our philosophy, which is based on the premises that aging is a normal development process; that human beings need peers with whom they can interact and who are available as a source of encouragement and support.

The purpose of the center is to:


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